9 Ideas for an Amazing Family Staycation

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Where can I find a perfect party place for toddlers in Phoenix, AZ?The school break is here, your days off have started, but you haven’t booked any interesting vacation trip for your family. Of course, this isn’t a reason to feel disappointed. Instead of going on a long or expensive vacation abroad, you are given the opportunity to spend some extra time with your family. 

What’s even better, you’ve got freedom to organize your time in a variety of creative ways, just relying on the natural, cultural and entertainment resources in the vicinity. If you look it up, you will probably find many nearby facilities that enable your family to have a fulfilling summer break

For instance, there are plenty of party places for toddlers perfect for summertime celebration for your little ones in Phoenix, AZ and the vicinity. Read on to learn how to spend some quality time with your kids during school breaks. 

How do you have a good staycation with kids? 

What counts as a time well spent, besides an afternoon nap? Consider the following ideas to make your days off pleasurable and fulfilling for the whole family: 

  1. Read books together. Instead of being stuck to the screen of a device all day long, why not give your eyes and mind some relief? Reading is of great importance for children and adults alike, as it develops listening skills, creativity, and empathy, while it can also help you break the cycle of your daily routine. 
  2. Find and explore a new park. Your usual work routine can sometimes feel like you’re trapped in a rabbit hole. Why wouldn’t you look up the map of your city and check some parts you haven’t visited before? A thrilling new park or indoor playground might be just around the corner. Your kids will probably see it as a small adventure. 
  3. Play board games. Modern times have provided us with a plethora of tabletop games. You can therefore choose between the classics such as Risk, Monopoly, Chess, and Clue, or go with some more contemporary examples like Catan, Family Feud, Pictionary, to name a few. Make sure to choose the game which is appropriate for your kids and which you can all enjoy. 
  4. Go to the movies or have a movie night at home. This idea can almost never fail, but you might not be the type of family that prefers the big screen. If you find driving the whole bunch to the cinema a bit inconvenient, why not organize a movie night yourself? These days, it’s even possible to invite your family and friends to an online streaming session.
  5. Have a picnic or camp in your backyard. You don’t have to go far to camp out. Even a small backyard can host a couple of tents, or chairs, picnic blanket, and a basket. If you live in a condo or apartment, you can improvise: set up a tent in your living room or terrace. Dim the lights and tell some stories to foster your child’s imagination. 
  6. Go on a bike ride. This is an amazing opportunity for the whole family to bond, exercise, and create inspiring memories. You can combine your bike ride with other sports activities, or visit a nearby cabin for refreshments.  
  7. Go swimming. Visit the community pool, or go to the local waterpark for an exciting and active activity outdoors. 
  8. Visit a nearby landmark or museum. This is another opportunity to learn about the history of your city. An art gallery or museum is a great place where you and the kids can learn how to cultivate love for art. 
  9. Throw a summer party. You don’t need a special reason to throw a party. Instead of looking for an excuse, you can come up with plenty of ideas to enrich your summer holidays. A summer party can include a variety of activities, especially if you visit a kids’ playground with numerous attractions.

How do you have a good staycation with kids?Where can I find a perfect party place for toddlers in Phoenix, AZ?

Outdoor activities are definitely the first thing that can cross your mind when you think of playgrounds. However, there are also many benefits of taking your kids to an indoor playground. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your toddler or a fun back-to-school get-together for your 10-year old, such venues can provide day-long entertainment and activities that will keep your kids busy and happy.

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