Keeping Kids Busy in the Summer

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Summer is a season of sunshine, cold drinks, and relaxation, but it also brings certain worries and questions for parents. If you are a parent you want to make sure that your kids get the most of it. This includes ensuring your kid is mentally and physically active

To make summer more amusing for their kids, some parents choose indoor amusement parks, especially if they live in Phoenix, Arizona where you can find great options.

What can I teach my kids in the summer?

Besides making sure your kids are well equipped for summer while also being safe during the school break, you can also plan how to entertain your kids with some fun summer activities while making sure they continue learning new skills:


You can make a summer reading list, get your kid his own local library card, and challenge him to read as many books as he can. For less avid readers, audiobooks are a great option, as well as bedtime stories. You can explore summer reading programs and accommodate them for your little ones. 

These activities will improve their reading and vocabulary skills, while also keeping them prepared for school reading. You can check their future school reading program and include some of the books in the summer planning.


Think about the subjects that are your child’s weak spots. Whether it’s math or language or both, you can come up with some useful and fun games and learning activities. Find some good materials for learning numbers or the alphabet. To keep your kids motivated and interested, you can include trophies and awards. 

Practicing and having fun can be a great way to improve their skills and prepare them for the curriculum.

Physical activities

Warm summer weather is perfect for outdoor activities. You can use this time to teach your child how to ride a bike or to swim. If they already know this, maybe it’s time for challenges like riding a skateboard or rollerblading. Take them to your local park or playground, or choose a new location for family walks. If they like sports activities, maybe they can try a new sport.


You can introduce your children to the process of gardening. This is a new and fun skill-building activity. Plant a tree or a plant together, and let them be responsible for watering, weeding and other maintenance. You can choose a spot in the yard and make a garden or grow a plant in a pot inside your apartment or house.


This is another practical way to activate and engage your young ones. You can have a family cook-off. Bake or cook together while showing kids all the steps, and letting them complete easier meals. This will show them cooking can be interesting and fun and help them learn how to prepare food.

Arts and crafts

Gather some basic supplies such as paint, colorful paper, glue, clay, glitter, cans, beads, etc. You won’t believe how many things can be used and reused to make new objects or to make art. You can craft flower pots, and instruments, repair an old birdhouse or paint on a giant old sheet. Think about fun art and craft projects to improve their creativity.

Where can I find top indoor amusement parks in Phoenix, Arizona and the vicinity?

What can I teach my kid in the summer?

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