10 Engaging Summer Activities for Toddlers

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Every parent wants to find ways to keep their kids entertained and engaged in summer. This is not an easy job, especially if your child is a preschooler or toddler. They have a short attention span and it can be challenging to keep them engaged and safe at the same time. Finding fun and engaging summer activities to do at home is 

This is why parents in Phoenix, AZ opt for some reliable amusement parks that offer many interesting options for kids. To plan your summer schedule more easily, read on to find different summer activity options.

how-do-you-keep-kids-entertained-at-home-in-the-summerHow do you keep kids entertained at home in the summer?

After you’ve prepared your little ones for summer, it’s time to think of interesting activities to entertain them while also keeping them safe. Some of them can be done inside the comfort of your home, and some are outdoor ones:

Indoor activities

Pick your favorite indoor activity:

1. Home cinema

This is one of those safer home activities to do in summer. Make a cozy atmosphere, bring the pillows and cushions, and put them on the floor. Make popcorn, bring some cold juice, and have a relaxing summer evening while watching your children’s favorite movie.

2. Finger painting

Take a white cloth and colors and let them use hands instead of brushes. Kids love colors and they will be amazed by this activity. Things can get messy so you should make sure to protect the floor and the appliances around you, but you will have a colorful and happy day.

3. Family cook-off

This can be a very funny activity to do at home with your little ones. Prepare your favorite food in the kitchen, bake a cake or bread, and let your children assist you with the preparation. This can help kids learn how to put the ingredients together. 

4. Color matching

Let your children identify various colors or sort things into piles based on color. Bring a box with objects of two different colors and let kids separate the objects into two smaller boxes or piles by color. 

5. Scavenger hunt

Hide your objects at home or in the yard and ask your kid to find them. They’ll have to use critical thinking while also being entertained. You can hide various objects or let the game be themed (different colors, shapes, toys, animals, school objects).

Outside activities

These activities can bring fun to you and your child:

1. Gardening 

This activity is great for your backyard. You can create a new garden or tend your current one. They can help you with planting, digging, and watering. If you have a bigger garden you can let them pick flowers or harvest vegetables.

2. Car-wash

Make your home car wash and include your children in washing their toy vehicles, or even let them wash your real car. You will only need a bucket, a hose, a sponge, and soap, and let them wear swimsuits. They will have fun while doing chores.

3. Yard play

Improve your yard with interesting equipment. Fill up a little swimming pool, bring beach balls, swim rings, toy ducks, whatever you have, and let your toddlers or preschoolers play. You can let them help you with preparing the yard.

4. A birdhouse/treehouse making

Gather up with your children and work around this project as a family. Take the necessary equipment and free your skills and imagination. The result of this activity will be a very useful object that will bring more warmth into your family garden.

5. Collecting and painting rocks

Explore the yard and find some interesting rocks with your toddlers. After that, use different colors and shapes. You can paint little faces, add leaves or grass instead of hair, attach google eyes, etc. 

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