5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe During Summer

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Summer brings endless possibilities to entertain your children. Hot summer weather brings more opportunities for your kids to play outdoors but also brings worries about their safety. Protecting your kids is not an easy job, especially if they are toddlers or preschoolers.

Many parents who live in Phoenix and the surrounding area opt for indoor fun parks where their kids can have fun while being monitored. While you are thinking about that option, read on to find out useful tips to keep your kids safe.

how-do-i-protect-my-toddler-in-the-summerHow do I protect my toddler in the summer?

You probably prepared and planned a summer schedule to keep your little ones busy in summer. You’ve found a number of interesting activities to keep them engaged and entertained. There are also several things you can focus on to make sure your kids are fully prepared for the summer:

1. Water safety

Swimming and other water activities are a great way to activate your children in a healthy and fun way. To get the most from these activities make sure to take some safety measures. Your kids should use swim rings or safety jackets and be supervised around water, especially if you’re in the ocean, lakes, or bigger swimming pools. Take them on bathroom breaks and change their diapers regularly to prevent any irritation. 

2. Sun protection

Sun protection is especially important for kids’ young and gentle skin. If possible keep them away from the sun during midday by planning indoor activities. If not possible to be indoors, seek shade (tree, umbrella, tent, etc.). Wear a hat that will shade as many areas as possible, and protect the exposed ones with sunscreen. Don’t forget that it’s important to reapply sunscreen regularly throughout the day for better protection.

3. Keep insects away

When letting your children play outdoors, check every corner for bee or wasp nests while warning kids not to touch nests or throw things at them. You should use a child-friendly insect repellent and avoid scented products as a part of your summer equipment checklist. Have them wear long-sleeved shirts and pants and check your child’s body for ticks at the end of the day.

4. Safe yard work

Summer is a time for more frequent mowing, and you shouldn’t forget that children under the age of 16 shouldn’t try to use a lawn mower. Before mowing, it is advisable to carefully check and put away anything that can become a projectile that can hurt you or your child. If your children are very young, it is best to let them play inside while you mow. Other yard work activities such as weeding can be better suited for the little ones.

5. What to do if your child gets separated from you

Even thinking about this can cause you stress, but if you think about this possible situation in advance, there is a bigger chance to prevent it. Talk to your children about the possible scenarios, and make a plan in case they get separated. Identify a meeting place and the people who can help them if they get lost (policemen, staff, etc.). 

Where in Phoenix can I find reliable indoor fun parks for my kids?

Your kids are your biggest treasure and reward, and it is normal you want them to get the best possible treatment and experience. You want to make sure they are both safe and entertained, but you would like someone to plan it instead of you? We are here to help you by making sure your kids’ summer is full of fun and exciting activities.

Our scope of attractions varies from mini zips to ball blaster arenas. We are huge fans of birthday parties, and we will organize them for your little ones. You can play alongside your children, but if you have some work to finish, free WiFi is available for all guests. 

If you live near Pueblo Grande Museum or in the vicinity, feel free to buy a ticket or to book a party. Can’t wait to see you!