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Uptown Jungle is the place to be if you’re looking for ultra fun birthday parties in Phoenix.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you throw an unforgettable party for kids and parents alike.

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Air Floor
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Mini Zip
Ball Blaster Arena
Ninja Course
For security reasons, signing the WAIVER is required by anyone entering the park.


Wearing the kids out has never been easier. Get unlimited access to Uptown Jungle all year round when you and your family become Uptown Members today!

Things to Know

Get acquainted with our park beforehand and get ready for some fun!

Experience Unlimited Fun at Our Indoor Playground in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for great indoor playgrounds in Phoenix where your little ones can get an excellent workout while having a blast? Uptown Jungle is the obvious choice! Our fun park offers a vast variety of games and adventures that bring both physical and mental stimulation to your kiddos. Come to our indoor park and relax in our parent sitting areas while your kids play or join in on the fun with them. Stop by our Phoenix location today and start the fun!

Endless Adventures at Uptown Jungle

We know how challenging keeping your kids entertained can be, especially when the weather is stopping you from taking them to places like Big Surf or The Phoenix Zoo. But rain and scorching heat can’t spoil the fun at Uptown Jungle! Our indoor playground can provide your kids with endless adventures and healthy exercise, as well as give you a chance to take a break and unwind. Our Phoenix trampoline park always has something new to offer, so rest assured that you’ll get plenty of time to relax and have fun knowing that your kids are entertained.

The perfect place for unforgettable birthday parties

Uptown Jungle is one of the finest children’s birthday party venues in Phoenix and surrounding area. Our staff is fully committed to making sure your kid and their friends have a whale of a time at our fantastic indoor playground. So if you wish to make your kid’s birthday as special as it can be with zero stress, our Phoenix venue is the ideal choice. Leave all the prep work and organization to us and we will help throw the best party ever for your little one!

Go on an adventure at the best trampoline park in Phoenix

Our indoor playground has everything your little ones may need to have a fantastic time, and then some. Not only is Uptown Jungle known as the top pick among trampoline parks, but we’re also your go-to venue for a vast array of other age-appropriate games and activities. Here’s how our fun park stands out.


The activities your kids will partake in at our indoor playground are designed to stimulate both the body and the mind, helping to ensure healthy development. It is our goal to give your little ones a chance to burn off energy in a safe manner, while also offering healthy socialization and unlimited fun.


Sure, phones and computers are a proven way to keep your little ones occupied for hours, but is that the only way? We think not! The staff at Uptown Jungle is experienced in working with children and engaging their attention for hours at a time. What’s more, all of the features and activities at our park are designed with variety in mind, so rest assured that your kids won’t ever run out of fun things to do.


The safety and health of your children is our top priority at Uptown Jungle. This is why we maintain a rigorous cleaning routine that eliminates harmful germs and bacteria to help provide a safe environment for play. In addition to our daily cleaning rounds, we also perform deep cleaning routines during closed hours to ensure optimal cleanliness before your kids enter the park the next day.


Uptown Jungle wouldn’t be what it is without our fantastic staff. Every single individual who works at our park is highly qualified and motivated to make your little ones feel safe while providing them with thrilling activities and healthy socialization. They’ll give each child equal attention and care, making sure everyone is having the best time possible in Phoenix.

We bring you the best indoor playgrounds in Phoenix, AZ and beyond

Our Phoenix venue is the newest addition to our vast family of adventure parks. You can find us across the county, whether you’re looking for fantastic trampoline parks in Mesaperfectly clean indoor playgrounds in Avondale, or want to take your little ones to a fun indoor playground in Peoria. Not only that but you can also enjoy our incredible trampoline park in Glendaletop-quality indoor playground in Chandler, as well as the finest indoor adventure park in Gilbert, AZ.

At Uptown Jungle, we have a mission to enable parents and children alike to enjoy enjoy an amazing experience, without worry and stress, and that they leave better than they came. This is why our parks are cleaned and disinfected, and our staff fully committed to providing your kids with healthy and endlessly fun playtime. Ready to start the party? Visit our adventure park today!