9 Things You Shouldn’t Bring to an Indoor Playground

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9 Things You Shouldn't Bring to an Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds are designed to provide safe, fun, and engaging environments for children where they can enjoy imaginative play with their friends. However, while packing your bag for a day of fun, it’s essential to know what items should be left at home to help create a safer, more enjoyable environment for all. 

Remember, the goal is to encourage active play, imagination, and interaction with other children. Today we present some things that you shouldn’t bring to an indoor kids’ birthday party venue in Phoenix to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free experience for everyone. So pack light, follow the playground’s guidelines, and prepare for a fun-filled birthday!

What to leave at home when coming to an indoor playground birthday party?

Ensuring a fun and safe indoor playground birthday experience for your child starts with understanding what not to bring. Respect the rules of the playground and consider the safety and comfort of all children present. So, leave these 9 items at home, pack your bag with essentials like spare clothes, clean socks, and hand sanitizer, and get ready for a birthday filled with laughter and play.

Outside food and drinks

Many indoor playgrounds have strict policies about bringing outside food and drinks due to health and safety reasons. Some kids might have severe food allergies, and it’s important to respect these rules. Check with the playground ahead of your visit to see what type of refreshment options they provide.

Jewelry and accessories

While your child’s favorite necklace or superhero cape might seem like a fun idea, these items can pose a safety risk. Jewelry and accessories can get caught in playground equipment, leading to injuries. Also, there’s a good chance these items could get lost during play.

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Toys from home

It might be tempting to bring along a favorite toy from home, but it’s best to leave it behind. Toys can easily get lost, damaged, or even cause disputes among children. Most indoor playgrounds provide an array of toys and play equipment designed for shared use.


In many indoor playgrounds, it’s common practice to remove shoes before entering the play area to maintain cleanliness and prevent outdoor dirt from being tracked in. Additionally, running around in socks can prevent slips and falls on smooth surfaces. Always bring a pair of clean socks for each child.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum in a playground can be a choking hazard, especially for younger children. Additionally, gum can end up stuck on playground equipment, furniture, or even in another child’s hair, creating a sticky mess.


Unless it’s a service animal, pets should be left at home when visiting an indoor playground. Not all children are comfortable around animals, and pets can also pose allergy risks or safety concerns.

Electronic devices

While it might be tempting to bring a tablet or handheld gaming device to keep children occupied during downtime, these can be distracting and detract from the physical play and social interaction that indoor playgrounds are designed for. There’s also the risk of damage or loss. Encourage your children to take full advantage of the playground’s activities and enjoy socializing with other kids.


Large items like strollers can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate in busy indoor playgrounds. They can also block pathways, creating a safety hazard. Many indoor playgrounds offer designated areas for storing shoes and bags, but they might not have the space to accommodate strollers. If your child is too young to walk or run around independently, it might be best to postpone the playground visit until they’re a little older.

What to leave at home when coming to an indoor playground birthday party?

Personal sports equipment

It might seem like a good idea to bring your child’s favorite scooter, rollerblades, or skateboard to an indoor playground, but these items are often better left at home. They can pose a risk to the safety of your child and others. Additionally, they can cause unnecessary damage to the playground’s facilities. Remember, indoor playgrounds are typically equipped with various toys and play structures that are designed for safe use within their environment.

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